Everything about the Duomo di Milano Tickets

Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano, is one of the largest Gothic Cathedral and the symbol of Milan.

It is spread over the Piazza del Duomo and the rooftop offers views of the Italian Alps.

There are over 3000 statues spread over the Cathedral, rooftop and baptistry that captivate the visitors. 

To experience the entire beauty of Duomo di Milano, you need to have the perfect tickets. 

This article provides all information about Duomo di Milano tickets, discounts, offers and more.


Opening hours: 8 am to 7 pm

Last Entry: 6.10 pm

Time Required: 3 to 4 hours

Best time: 3 pm

Ticket cost: from €20


Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Top tickets for Duomo di Milano

Where to buy Duomo Di Milano tickets

It is better to buy Duomo di Milano tickets online and in advance.

Tickets are also available at the ticket counter but the queues are long and you might not get the ticket for your preferred time slot.

When you purchase them online, you can avoid wasting time at the ticket counter, which can go up to 2 hours during peak season.

Online booking platforms offer the flexibility to choose from available time slots that best suit your schedule. 

Booking tickets online often provides access to exclusive deals, discounts, or bundled packages that may not be available when purchasing tickets on-site. 

You can take advantage of special offers, save on ticket prices, or enjoy additional benefits during your visit.

Moreover, tourists often get scammed by unauthorized ticket sellers selling tickets in front of the Cathedral.

Hence, by booking Duomo di Milano tickets online, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience, save valuable time, secure your entry, and benefit from exclusive deals. 

How do online tickets for Duomo di Milano work?

Purchasing Duomo di Milano tickets online is a simple process, similar to any other online purchase. 

To ensure your entry to the Duomo di Milano and make the most of your visit, follow these steps:

1. Click here to purchase Duomo di Milano tickets.
2. Once on the ticket website, you will see various options for Duomo di Milano tickets.
3. Choose the ticket that best suits your needs.
4. Specify the number of participants and select the date of your visit.
5. Proceed to complete the payment for the selected ticket.
6. Your ticket will be emailed to you after a successful payment.
7. Present your online ticket at the counter when you arrive at the Duomo di Milano to enjoy your visit.

We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot to avoid unnecessary hassles. 

Visitors should also know that rescheduling a missed pre-booked time slot is subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

Types of Duomo di Milano Tickets

Choosing your Duomo di Milano ticket carefully is essential, as there are so many options and types to choose from. 

Below are our top Duomo di Milano ticket recommendations- sorted based on the ticket type!

1. Entry ticket to Duomo di Milano and Rooftop

Enjoy skip-the-line entry to the Duomo and the Rooftop with these Duomo di Milano tickets. 

You can ride the dedicated elevator to the rooftop with these tickets. 

The best part about this ticket is that you can customize this ticket with a few optional upgrades! 

Ticket prices: €31

2. Milan Cathedral: Rooftop Ticket

These Dumono di Milano tickets grant exclusive access to only the Duomo Rooftop.

You can take advantage of this skip-the-line ticket and marvel at the panoramic views of the city these terraces provide. 

You can choose to take the stairs or ride up the elevator.

Ticket prices: €17

3. Milan Cathedral and Terraces Guided Tour

Tour the Duomo di Milano and the Duomo terraces with this Duomo di Milano guided tour.

You will be accompanied by a live tour guide, fluent in five languages.

Your guide will take you through the rich history of the Duomo and the city itself. 

With these Duomo di Milano tickets, you will have exclusive access to the cathedral and the terraces!

Ticket prices: € 35

4. Private City Tour With Duomo di Milano

Go around Milan and explore the city and the Duomo di Milano with this absolute package of a ticket.

An official guide of the Duomo di Milano will accompany you.

They will take you around the Duomo and then around the city. 

Pick your guide’s brain and fascinate yourself with facts on the history and culture of Milan!

Ticket prices: € 78

5. Duomo di Milano Combo tickets

If you plan to visit the Milan Cathedral and another attraction in the city, then here is a money-saving option. 

A variety of Duomo di Milano combo tickets let you visit the Cathedral and another attraction at a discounted price with one ticket.

The best combos offered include Leonardo Museum, Sforza Castle and Museum, Santa Maria Delle Grazie, etc.

Ticket prices: €24

6. Last minute Duomo di Milano tickets

Visiting Duomo di Milano today but have not purchased your tickets yet? 

It might be challenging to secure your tickets at the counter but then we have you covered. 

Get your last-minute Duomo di Milano tickets online and gain access to Duomo di Milano, the Museum and rooftop or just the rooftop.

Ticket prices: €20

7. Milan City Card

Visit the top Milan attractions and experiences with this all-access Milan City Card. 

With this city card, you can visit the Duomo di Milano and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, etc. 

With the Milan City Card, you can save time and money and enjoy a hassle-free holiday in Milan!

Ticket prices: €46

The Duomo di Milano ticket prices 

The Duomo di Milano offers a variety of ticket options to suit different preferences and visitor needs. 

The Milan Cathedral ticket prices often vary based on the following criteria:

Duomo di Milano ticket types

There are a lot of ticket types you can choose from when deciding to visit the Duomo di Milano.  

And depending on the type of ticket chosen, your prices will vary. 

For visiting Duomo di Milano, you will find simple entry tickets, guided tours, and combination tickets with other attractions.

Simple entry tickets cost less than private tours and guided tours. 

At the same time, money-saving options like combo tours and city cards offer discounted entry to multiple attractions. 

Age group

Your ticket prices may vary according to the age groups of people traveling with you. 

A lot of ticket options provide discounted prices for children traveling with you. 

Visitors above 18 years pay total price, while children between 6 to 17 years and infants below 5 years enjoy various discounts.

Mode of Purchase

Buying Duomo di Milano tickets online saves you a lot of money. 

While buying the tickets from the physical counters works, the online tickets often come with discounts that are light on the pocket.

The Duomo di Milano ticket prices are as follows:

TicketCostBuy this ticket 
Entry ticket to Duomo di Milano and rooftop€31Buy This Ticket
Milan Cathedral: Rooftop Terraces Access only€17Buy This Ticket 
Milan Cathedral and Terraces Guided Tour€35Buy This Ticket
Private City Tour With Duomo di Milano€78Buy This Ticket 
Duomo di Milano Combo tours From €24Buy This ticket
Last minute Duomo di Milano tickets€20Buy This Ticket 
Milan City Card€46Buy This Ticket

What is the Duomo di Milano?

Ticket discounts for Milan Cathedral
Image: Wikimedia.org

The Duomo di Milano, or the Milan Cathedral, is an architectural masterpiece in Milan, Italy. 

It’s one of the largest Gothic cathedrals globally, symbolizing Milan and Italian culture. 

The cathedral started construction in 1386, and the final touches were added in the 19th century. 

You can see multiple spires, pinnacles, and statues on the outside. The “Madonnina” central spire stands out as the most recognizable. 

The facade is beautifully adorned with countless sculptures, including figures from biblical stories, saints, and even whimsical gargoyles.

Once inside, visitors are treated to a vast and intricate interior featuring a central nave, aisles, and numerous chapels. 

Next, go up to the Duomo’s rooftop and take in the breathtaking panoramic views of Milan. 

You can choose between climbing the stairs or taking an elevator. 

From the top, you can see a close-up view of the cathedral’s spires, sculptures, city skyline, and landmarks!

The Duomo di Milano holds significance as a religious site and a cultural and historical landmark. 

Every year, it draws in millions of visitors who marvel at its architectural beauty, explore its intricate interior, and revel in the sweeping views from its rooftop.

What to expect

Duomo Cathedral is an iconic tourist attraction in all of Italy attracting more than five million visitors each year.

Entering the Milan Cathedral, you will see a vast structure of large, darkened marble plates. 

The interior is elegant and stately because of its large sculptured columns that reach the ceiling.

The church was designed by legends from the lineage crossing through 9 generations, including Zeno da Campione, Pellegrino Pellegrini, Leopoldo Pollack, Simone da Orsenigo and Luca Beltrami.

Various large paintings adorn the walls of the temple, representing scenes from the Bible.

The doors in Duomo di Milano are in themselves an architectural marvel, for it took several events to happen before the inauguration of the cathedral’s great door.

You will also see various saints in their glass caskets standing throughout the building, all dressed in their best attire.

The ambiance of the Duomo Cathedral, Milan, also comprises of Duomo Museum, which houses an exceptional treasury.

The statue of Bartholomew the Apostle, patron saint of the Tanners, is one of the highlights of the cathedral.

One of the aspects of this Renaissance building is Duomo’s rooftop terrace providing visitors with the most magical views of Milan.

The dome behind the Altar is one of the nails used during the Crucifixion of Christ.

To know more about what you can see while visiting Milan’s Cathedral, please read about the Church of San Gottardo and Crypt and Treasure.

Is this your first time visiting Duomo di Milan?

There is a lot to see and experience at the Cathedral, and here is what you can expect during your visit. 

Stunning Architecture

The Duomo di Milano is known for its breathtaking Gothic architecture. 

An elaborate facade is adorned with spires, statues, and intricate details. 

The sheer size and intricacy of the cathedral will leave you in awe.


The Duomo is one of Milan’s most popular tourist attractions, so it’s common to encounter large crowds, especially during peak tourist seasons. 

Be prepared for queues to enter the cathedral and access the rooftop.

Splendid Interiors

Upon entering the Duomo, you will be greeted with ornate interiors- high ceilings, stained glass windows, and intricate sculptures create a sense of grandeur. 

Take your time to explore the various chapels, altars, and artworks inside.

Rooftop Access

Ascending to the rooftop of the Duomo is a must-do experience. You can choose to climb the stairs or take an elevator. 

You can see panoramic views of Milan’s cityscape, including landmarks like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Sforza Castle.

Religious Services 

The Duomo is an active place of worship, so you might encounter religious services, ceremonies, or events during your visit. 

It’s essential to be respectful and observe quietly if such activities occur.

Cultural Exhibitions

The Duomo occasionally hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase religious artifacts, art, or historical displays. 

Check ahead to see if any exhibitions are taking place during your visit.

Street Performers and Vendors

The area surrounding the Duomo is often lively, with street performers, vendors selling souvenirs, and artists showcasing their talents. 

It adds to the vibrant atmosphere, but be cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas.

Duomo di Milano ticket – FAQs

1. Do you need tickets for the Duomo in Milan?

Yes, you must purchase a ticket to visit the Duomo di Milano. 

You can purchase your tickets at the counter or online here!

2. How much does it cost to go to the Duomo di Milano?

It depends on the type of ticket and tour you wish to do at the Duomo, but entry to the Duomo premises starts at €20 per person.

3. How much does the Duomo ticket cost?

A simple entrance ticket to the Duomo premises costs €14 per adult.

4. Can you visit Duomo Milan for free?

Entry to the Duomo di Milano is free for religious visitors (only cathedral) every day from 7 am to 7 pm

But, if you wish to enter the other spaces of the cathedral, then you must pay an entrance fee.

5. Can you buy Duomo tickets at the door?

Yes, you can buy Duomo di Milano tickets at the counter. 

But keep in mind that the availability is subject to change depending on the crowd. 

So, why worry when you can simply book your Duomo di Milano tickets here!

6. Do we need tickets to visit the Duomo of Milan?

All visitors must purchase tickets to enter the Cathedral, enjoy rooftop access or visit the Duomo Museum. 

There are a variety of Duomo di Milano tickets from which you can choose your best match.

7. Do you need to book Duomo tickets in advance?

Milan Cathedral is one of the world’s most visited Cathedrals, and it is hard to secure an offline ticket.

Hence, buying tickets online in advance is recommended. 

8. Is Photography allowed inside the Duomo di Milan?

Yes, Photography is allowed in the Milan Cathedral.

However, the camera noises could get louder inside the cathedral; hence, visitors are asked to be mindful of photography.

9. Is the Milan cathedral worth visiting?

Milan Cathedral is Italy’s largest church and is situated in the heart of the city. This masterpiece was designed following Gothic architecture.

Milan Duomo is a must-see site with its marvelous collection of statues covering the Cathedral.

Featured Image: Duomomilano.it