Duomo di Milano Dress Code

Duomo di Milano is the largest cathedral in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. As a result, it attracts millions of visitors each year.

Duomo di Milano is a religious site, so you must be mindful of what you wear. 

You must dress appropriately as a sign of respect for the religion, monument and culture. 

When you follow the dress code, not only is it respectful, but the atmosphere is serene and peaceful as well. 

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What To Wear When Visiting Duomo Di Milano

Duomo Milan dress code
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The Duomo di Milano dress code is put into place to preserve the sacredness of the cathedral. 

The key is to dress comfortably and modestly.

As a religious place, Milan Cathedral prohibits visitors from wearing clothing that exposes shoulders, knees and chest.

Duomo di Milano allows you to visit the rooftops and the quarry, so you must wear comfortable shoes. 

Duomo di Milano Dress Code For Women

Women should wear modest clothing that covers the shoulders, knees and chest. 

Knee-length or longer dresses, skirts and pants are ideal for women visiting Duomo di Milano. 

In particular, here are a few items that are not allowed:

  • bare-backed and/or low-cut clothing
  • shorts
  • tanktops
  • miniskirts
  • hats 
  • high-heels

Consider carrying a light sweater or scarf, which may come in handy for a sudden change in weather or to cover your shoulder if needed.

Milan Duomo Dress Code For Men

Men should wear long pants or trousers which cover their knees.

You should also cover your shoulders, so appropriate T-shirts and shirts are preferable. 

Milan Cathedral’s dress code for men prohibits t-shirts or shirts with obscene or inappropriate prints and graphics. 

Remember to wear a light sweater or jacket to prepare for any weather fluctuations at the site. 

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FAQs on Duomo di Milano dress code

1. Is there a dress code for the Duomo Milan?

Yes, there is a dress code for Duomo di Milano. 

The Duomo di Milano dress code requires visitors to dress modestly, covering their shoulders, chests and knees.

2. What can’t you wear in Duomo?

Here are a few items that are not allowed according to the Duomo di Milano dress code:

– Bare-backed and/or low-cut clothing
– Shorts
– Tanktops
– Miniskirts
– Hats 

3. Can I wear sandals to Duomo?

While the Duomo di Milano dress code doesn’t restrict the use of sandals on its premises, you must be careful. 

Sandals can be acceptable if they are tasteful and not overly casual. 

4. Do men need to wear pants to Duomo?

Yes, men should wear long pants or trousers that cover their knees while visiting Duomo di Milano. 

5. Can you wear shorts in Duomo?

According to the Duomo di Milano dress code, you cannot wear shorts while visiting. 

6. Do you have to wear long pants at the Duomo?

You must wear long pants or trousers while visiting Duomo di Milano. 
For women, it is recommended to wear knee-length or longer dresses, skirts, or pants. 

7. What should I wear to Duomo?

Choose modest and non-revealing clothing while going to visit Duomo di Milano. 

You must be mindful of the Duomo di Milano dress code to respect the premises, other guests and the sacredness of the space. 

8. Can you wear leggings to Duomo di Milano?

Yes, you can wear leggings to Duomo di Milano.

If you wear skirts or dresses above your knees, you can cover your knees with tights or leggings.

9. How strict is the dress code at Duomo di Milano?

The dress code is very strictly implied in Milan Cathedral.

The Cathedral committee ensures all visitors are dressed according to the rules.

You can get coverups and scarves to save your day if you have not covered your shoulders or knees.

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