Last Minute Duomo di Milano Tickets

Are you looking for Duomo di Milano tickets due to last-minute plans or spur-of-the-moment decisions?

Or did you find yourself behind in the never-ending queues at the ticket counter?

For travelers seeking to visit Duomo di Milano, acquiring tickets does not need to be complicated. 

While entry tickets often sell out weeks in advance, last-minute tickets are usually available for purchase online.

If you are looking for last-minute tickets to Duomo di Milano, this article shares with you all the information you need to secure your ticket.

Last Minute Duomo di Milano Ticket: Full Access

This is the ultimate last-minute Duomo di Milano ticket, granting you access to the cathedral, Duomo Rooftops and Museum.

That’s not all; with this ticket, you can also visit the nearby Church of San Gottardo. 

You get to scoot past all lines at the ticket office and jump straight into marveling at the Duomo di Milano.

What’s included in this ticket:

  • Skip-the-line entry to Duomo di Milano, Duomo Museum & 
  • Admission to the Church of San Gottardo
  • Access to the Duomo Rooftops

Ticket Prices:

Visitor’s AgeTickets Price
Adult ticket (19+ years)€20
Child ticket (6 to 18 years)€11

Last Minute Duomo di Milano Tickets: Rooftop Only

These last-minute Duomo di Milano tickets provide access to the Duomo rooftops.

You can reach the rooftop by climbing the 251 stairs or the lift.  

You will be greeted by spectacular views of Milan from the terraces and learn the history of the building from a unique perspective.

What’s included in this ticket:

  • Access to Duomo Rooftops
  • Stairs or elevator options 
  • Audio Guide
  • Wheelchair access to the Lower Rooftop

Ticket Prices:

Adult ticket (19+ years) by escalator€20
Child ticket (6 to 18 years) by escalator€11
Family of 3 (2 Adults + 1 Child) by escalator€42
Adult ticket (19+ years) by stairs€17
Child ticket (6 to 18 years) by stairs€9
Family of 3 (2 Adults + 1 Child) by stairs€35

Tips For Getting Last-Minute Duomo di Milano Tickets

Here are some tips to secure a last-minute ticket to Duomo di Milano: 

  • Book Your Tickets Online

While most tickets sell out in advance, online platforms save some tickets for last-minute sales. 

The easiest way to ensure entry is to purchase skip-the-line tickets online.

By booking your tickets online, you have your entry time reserved and do not have to wait in queues. 

  • Arrive Early

If you could not snag online tickets, arrive at the Duomo 15 minutes before its regular opening hours.

The earlier you get there, the shorter the queues and maximum chances of securing a ticket. 

Have your camera, cash, and credit cards ready to breeze through security and ticket lines. 

  • Book A Guided Tour

While general admission tickets might get sold out, guided tours are always available. 

Consider a rooftop tour or a guided exploration of the archaeological area beneath the cathedral. 

These options might have better ticket availability and you’ll still get to marvel at the Duomo’s grandeur from different perspectives.

  • Try To Purchase a Combo Ticket or City Pass

Visitors who plan to visit other attractions in Milan and are trying to purchase last-minute tickets can get entry to the Duomo with the help of a combo ticket or City Pass. 

With combo tickets and city passes, you can get discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on individual entry tickets. 

Avoid Ticket Dealers In Front of the Cathedral

If you encounter someone selling tickets outside the Duomo, avoid them. 

Tourists often get scammed by unauthorized ticket dealers in front of the cathedral. 

Make sure to purchase tickets only from authorized parties. 

FAQs About Last Minute Duomo di Milano Tickets

1. Can you buy tickets for Duomo on the day?

The Duomo has ticket offices near the cathedral, where you can purchase tickets in person. 

But you must note that there is usually a queue at the counter, depending on the time of the year!

So, buying your tickets in advance is always recommended. 

You can find last-minute tickets to Duomo online on the day of the visit. 

2. Can you visit the Duomo in Milan without a ticket?

No, the Duomo di Milano doesn’t allow entrance to the premises without an entrance ticket. 

You can buy your Duomo di Milano entrance ticket here!

3. Do you need to buy Duomo tickets in advance?

While you can purchase Duomo di Milano tickets at the counter, it is recommended to purchase them in advance. 

This way, you save time waiting in the ticket queues. Get your tickets here!

4. How much time do you need for Duomo di Milano?

A visit to the Duomo di Milano, including the main cathedral, the terraces, the Duomo Museum, and the archaeological area, requires a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

5. How long is the wait for the Duomo with tickets?

Depending on the time of the year, there is a wait time of 30 to 45 minutes at the Duomo di Milano ticket office. 

You can avoid waiting in the regular ticket queue by purchasing tickets in advance. 

The reserved ticket holders usually have a separate entrance or a faster line, allowing them to enter more quickly.

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