San Gottardo Church – A Spiritual Haven in Milan

The San Gottardo church is a jewel of Milan City. 

Initially built in 1336, the chapel was named after Saint Gotthard. 

He was presumed to be the protector of those suffering from gout.

The church of San Gottardo, the old Chapel of Palazzo Reale, was restored in 2014 by Venerando Fabbrica del Duomo. 

The Church is a rectangular chamber divided into three and ending in an octagonal apse. 

Visitors of Duomo di Milano should also visit the San Gottardo church to enjoy several pieces of fine art. 

This includes a bell tower with rose-colored terracotta and intricate white marble inserts. 

The bell tower is an important part of the church. 

Known as the Via delle Ore, it is one of the first public clocks in Milan. 

Here is some artwork you need to see in the church. 

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The Art Inside The Church

The church houses a variety of artworks, starting from the gallery at the entrance. 

This Giottesque-style fresco was in the gallery, which is visible beneath the space and draws attention from visitors. 

The Giotto in Azzone Visconti’s court is another witness to the fresco.

Here are some of the significant pieces of art. 


Additionally, you may observe the Giotto School’s fresco that shows the Crucifixion.

It was likely placed there as adornment for a refectory hall, which was previously outside the church of San Gottardo and beneath the bell tower. 

Early in the 20th century, the fresco was relocated within the church.

They built a gallery above the entryway, directly connecting to the Palazzo Reale.

Funeral of Azzone Visconti

You can find a marble memorial to Azzone Visconti on one side of the altar. 

Giovanni di Balduccio sculpted this marble memorial sculpted between 1340 and 1344.

Sculpture of Sarcophagus

Sculpture of Sarcophagus
Image: Wikimedia.org

The Sculpture of the Sarcophagus depicts Azzone lying down, while other depictions of the Visconti-ruled towns accompany it.

Saint Ambrose appears in the middle of the sculpture’s main scenario.


Several paintings adorn the side altars of the San Gottardo Church in Milan.

They include the Assumption by Giuliano Traballesi and Saint Gotthard by Martin Knoller, painted in oil in 1779.

Visitors need tickets to tour the San Gottardo Church. You can enter the church if you have Duomo Museum access. 

Get your Duomo di Milano, Rooftop and Museum access ticket for the best tour experience. 

Artistic Treasures of San Gottardo Church

The San Gottardo Church features a stunning bell tower that will leave you in awe.

Its charming rose-colored terracotta and intricate white marble inlays make it a sight.

A fascinating fresco inside the San Gottardo Church, created in the Giottesque style, is partially visible.

It provides a glimpse into the past and leaves visitors intrigued by its beauty.

There is a meticulously restored historic chapel of Palazzo Reale, overseen by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and completed in 2014.

Experience the beauty and grandeur of this architectural gem within the San Gottardo Church.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of the San Gottardo Church.

Aside from its extensive artwork and cultural significance, San Gottardo Church frequently hosts conferences and temporary exhibitions.

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here are some essential information to plan your trip: 

FAQs About San Gottardo Church

1. What architectural style is the San Gottardo Church known for?

The San Gottardo Church is famous for its architectural style.

A blend of Gothic and Renaissance elements characterizes it.

2. Are there any significant events or exhibitions held at the San Gottardo Church?

Yes, the San Gottardo Church hosts various events.

They include conferences and transient exhibitions, offering visitors diverse cultural experiences.

3. How old is the San Gottardo Church?

The construction of the San Gottardo Church began in 1336, making it several centuries old.

4. Is it possible to use the San Gottardo Church for special ceremonies or weddings?

Yes, the San Gottardo Church can be a magnificent venue for special ceremonies.

It adds a touch of historical charm to the occasion.

5. Are guided tours available to explore the San Gottardo Church?

Yes, the San Gottardo Church boasts stunning frescoes.

They include Giottesque-style artwork and captivating paintings on side altars.

6. Does the San Gottardo Church have any religious relics or artifacts on display?

The San Gottardo Church houses various religious relics and artifacts.

They display their rich spiritual heritage and historical importance.

7. Is photography allowed inside the San Gottardo Church?

Photography is generally permitted inside the San Gottardo Church.

Checking with the staff or guidelines for any specific restrictions is advisable.

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