Restaurants Near Duomo di Milano

Milan, Italy, is renowned not just for fashion and design but also for its cuisine.

Finding affordable yet delicious restaurants in a cosmopolitan city like Milan can be challenging.

However, you can enjoy breathtaking views at the Duomo di Milano rooftop restaurant while savoring the culinary delights.

To help you experience the authentic taste of the city, we have compiled a list of the top five budget-friendly restaurants near Duomo Milan.

These Restaurants near Duomo di Milano offer a fantastic dining experience near the famous cathedral.

The city’s residents highly recommend these best restaurants around Duomo di Milano for a remarkable dining experience.

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1. Tamo Mozzarella Bar

Tamo Mozzarella Bar
Image: Facebook.com

Tamo Mozzarella Bar, located at Via Osti 3 and just 650 meters (0.4 miles) from Duomo, offers a delightful and trendy dining experience.

Indulge in delicious Italian cuisine, particularly their renowned mozzarella, whether paired with a panini, ham, or wine or enjoyed alone.

Tamo Mozzarella Bar Milano is always bustling with its pleasant atmosphere, excellent service, and a wide variety of tasty beverages, bars, and snacks.

The restaurant offers affordable rates ranging from 5 to 20 euros, making it an excellent choice, complemented by the friendly and cheerful staff.

  • Location: Via Osti, 3, 20122 Milano MI, Italy. Get Directions.               
  • Distance: 0.4 miles (650 meters) far from Duomo
  • Price: €5 to €20

2. La TASTeria Gourmet Sicily

La TASTeria Gourmet Sicily is among the best restaurants near Duomo di Milano. 

La Tastiera Gourmet Sicily Milano Brera, located on Via San Fermo 1 in Milan, offers a delectable selection of authentic Sicilian cuisine.

This restaurant is situated around 0.9 miles from the Duomo and provides a unique and memorable dining experience.

For a unique culinary journey, indulge in delicious sandwiches and snacks, including raw fish.

At La TASTiera Gourmet Sicily, you can expect fresh and traditionally prepared fish dishes, often accompanied by fine wine.

With meal costs ranging from 4 to 18 euros, you can enjoy the flavors of Sicily without breaking the bank.

Visit this charming eatery at Via San Fermo 1 and treat yourself to an authentic Sicilian feast.

  • Location: Via San Fermo, 20121 Milano MI, Italy. Get Directions.
  • Distance: 0.9 miles (1.4 km miles) far from Duomo
  • Price: €4 to €18

3. Marchesi 1824

Marchesi 1824 is one of the best Italian restaurants near Duomo di Milano for breakfast.

You can quickly grab a pastry and a cup of espresso or cappuccino while standing at the bar.

To kickstart your day like a true Milanese, head to one of the city’s oldest and most esteemed breakfast restaurants at the top of the steps in the Galleria Umberto.

With a legacy spanning over 200 years, they have earned their reputation for crafting delicious pastries.

If you prefer, you can relax in one of the comfortable chairs while savoring your breakfast.

In addition to the café in Milan’s fashion hub, you’ll find two more Marchesi 1824 Milano cafés scattered throughout the city.

  • Location: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 20121, Milano MI, Italy. Get Directions.
  • Distance: 1.26 miles ( 2 km) far from Duomo
  • Price: €8 to €21

4. Pescetto

Image: Facebook.com

Experience the finest seafood in Milan without breaking the bank at the casual Pescetto, conveniently located just a five-minute walk from Porta Garibaldi.

At Pescetto, the fish counter is a true masterpiece, offering various fish prepared using different cooking methods.

Indulge in delectable dishes such as the shrimp scampi sautéed with garlic, the grilled octopus alla piastra, or the famous fish tartare (starting from €5 per 100g).

To complement your meal, you can choose from side dishes like handmade potato chips or mixed greens, each priced at €3.

Complete your dining experience with a glass of chilled wine.

With Pescetto Milano, enjoying the finest seafood in Milan is now accessible and affordable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor these culinary delights.

  • Location: Via Alessandro Volta, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy. Get Directions.
  • Distance: 1.54 miles (2.5 km)
  • Price: €4 to €10

5. Vinoir & Vinello

At this restaurant near Duomo di Milano, witness a natural wine revolution. 

These two standout bars, Vinoir and Vinello, are known for serving organic, non-industrial wines.

Vinoir, the first natural wine enoteca in Milan, can be found away from the touristy establishments in the vibrant Navigli area.

For a delightful start, we recommend pairing the scallop tagliatelle with a glass of orange wine, available for appetizers (from €5) and entrees (from €10)

If you seek respite from the bustling bars in the Gambara district, Vinello is your go-to spot.

The outdoor seating in the Piazza is an absolute delight on warm days.

The menu is simplified, offering shared buffets priced at around €10.

Vinoir and Vinello boast carefully curated wine lists featuring glasses starting at €5.

These lists highlight the craftsmanship of artisanal winemakers, not only from Italy but also from around the world.

Embark on a wine-tasting journey and savor these exceptional establishments’ unique flavors.

  • Location: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 93b, 20143 Milano MI, Italy. Get Directions.
  • Distance:  2.98 miles (4.8 km) far from Duomo
  • Price: €5 to €13

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here are some essential information to plan your trip: 

Restaurants near Duomo di Milan – FAQs

1. What are the best restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

Some of the best restaurants near Duomo di Milano include Tamo Mozzarella Bar, La TASTiera Gourmet Sicily, and Pescetto.

These establishments offer delicious cuisine, affordable prices, and convenient locations near the iconic cathedral.

2. What are the best Italian restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

For the best Italian dining near Duomo di Milano, consider Tamo Mozzarella Bar, known for its tasty Italian cuisine in a cozy setting.

Another option is La TASTiera Gourmet Sicily, which offers delicious and authentic Sicilian dishes.

Both restaurants provide delightful dining experiences near the famous cathedral.

3. Where can I find family restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

Some great family restaurants near Duomo di Milano include Trattoria del Corso, Ristorante Galleria, and Osteria del Treno.

These restaurants near Duomo di Milano offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere and menus catering to adults and children, making them ideal choices for family dining.

4. Are there any Indian restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

Yes, there are Indian restaurants near Duomo di Milano.

Popular choices for Indian cuisine in the area include Rangoli Indian Restaurant, Gandhi Indian Restaurant, and Maharaja Indian Restaurant. 

These restaurants serve various authentic Indian dishes and are known for their flavorsome curries and aromatic spices.

5. What are some recommended Italian restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

Regarding Italian cuisine near Duomo di Milano, you can’t go wrong with Trattoria Milanese, Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone, and Ristorante Da Oscar.

These establishments offer traditional Italian dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients and provide a delightful dining experience.

6. Where can I find Chinese restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

If you’re looking for Chinese cuisine near Duomo di Milano, head to Ristorante Cinese Pechino, Ristorante Cinese Amici Miei, or Ristorante Cinese Grande Muraglia.

These restaurants serve authentic Chinese dishes, ranging from flavorful stir-fries to delicious dim sum.

7. Can you recommend some places to eat near Duomo di Milano?

Certainly! Some highly recommended places to eat near Duomo di Milano include Antica Trattoria della Pesa, Piz, and Luini Panzerotti.

These restaurants near Duomo di Milano offer a range of culinary delights, from traditional Italian dishes to mouthwatering pizza and panzerotti.

8. Which are the best cafes near Duomo di Milano?

When it comes to cafes near Duomo di Milano, you won’t be disappointed with Pasticceria Marchesi, Cova, and Taglio.

These renowned establishments offer a cozy ambiance, excellent coffee, and a delectable selection of pastries and desserts.

9. What are the dining options inside Duomo di Milano?

Inside Duomo di Milano, dining options such as the Terrazza Aperol on the rooftop terrace offer breathtaking views, refreshing drinks, and light bites. 

Additionally, the cathedral complex has cafes and bakeries where you can grab a quick snack or a cup of coffee.

10. Are there any rooftop restaurants near Duomo di Milano?

Yes, there are rooftop restaurants near Duomo di Milano, where you can enjoy delicious food and stunning views.

One notable option is Terrazza Duomo 21, situated atop the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, offering panoramic vistas and a diverse menu of Italian specialties.

The Best Duomo di Milano Tickets

Cathedral and Rooftop tickets: This ticket offers access to the Milan and Cathedral Rooftop areas. 

Milan Cathedral Rooftop ticket: If you wish to enjoy Milan’s vistas, then get this rooftop access ticket (without the church) to enjoy terrace entry. 

Duomo di Milano guided tour: Take a tour of Milan Cathedral, Duomo Museum and archeological sites with a local expert guide. 

Private Duomo di Milano tour: Skip the crowds and take a private tour of the Duomo di Milano, its Rooftop, Museum and Archeological sites.

Duomo Di Milano Combo tour: Visit the Milan Cathedral and another Milan attraction at a discounted price with just one ticket. 

Last-minute Duomo di Milano tickets: Get your Milan Cathedral tickets last minute if you have missed your pre-booking. This ticket offers last-minute entry to the cathedral, Museum and rooftop. 

Milan City Pass: Get entry to Duomo di Milano, Rooftops, Duomo Museum, Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and Milan City Audio Guide at discounted prices. 

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