Milan City Pass – The Milan City Card for Attractions and Official Milano Pass

Milan City Passes are the most time and money-efficient ways to tour the city and enjoy its offerings. 

The city passes let you access top attractions like Duomo di Milano, the Leonardo di Vinci Science Museum, the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and Sforza Castle. 

You can also get free transportation and an audio guide to explore the city.

There are two types of City Pass: the Milan City Card for Attractions and the official Milano Pass

Milan City Card offers access to four top attractions, while the Milano Pass lets you explore most sites in the city. 

This article shares all the information you need about the Milan City Passes and will help you pick the one that suits you the best. 

Milan City Card For Attractions

The Milan City Card is the perfect option for a short time visit.

With this card, you can enjoy the city’s top sights and wander around the city with an audio guide.

What attractions does the Milan City Card cover

The Milan City Card is a great way to move around the city and explore the town’s historic architecture. 

You start your tour with the magnificent Duomo di Milano. Prepare to be awestruck by all the marble facade and intricate interiors.

You can access the Duomo Museum, officially called the Museo del Duomo, which is dedicated to the history, art and architecture of the Milan Cathedral.

While at the Milan Cathedral, you should visit the Duomo rooftop. It has divine views of the cityscape. 

After the Duomo di Milano, you scoot past all lines and enter the Leonardo di Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. 

Next, the Milan City Card provides you access to one of the oldest public art collections in the world- Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. 

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana houses a remarkable collection of paintings, drawings, manuscripts and other art objects.

The Milan City Card also provides a digital city guide that covers over 130 attractions all over Milan. 

With this Audio Guide app, you have visuals, descriptions and audio commentaries by local experts, offline, interactive digital maps and navigation.

Your Milan City Card will include the following:

  • Entry to Duomo di Milano, Rooftop and Museum 
  • Skip the line entry to the Leonardo da Vinci Science Museum 
  • Entry to Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
  • City Audio Digital guide app
  • One-time entry to the attractions
  • 10% discount on your next booking 

How much does a Milan City Card cost

The Milan City Card prices depend on the age of the participants.

The Milan City Car Price is given below:

Age GroupPrice per person
Adult (27 to 64 years)€46
Adult (18 to 26 years)€43
Youth (14 to 17 years)€36
Youth (6 to 13 years)€21
Child (3 to 5 years)€9
Senior (65+ years)€39

Why should you get the Milan City Card

With the Milan City Card, you get hassle-free, streamlined entries to some of the busiest tourist spots, saving you time, energy and money.

Another benefit would be that you can get the card easily, and as soon as you buy it, it will be sent to your email. 

You can print it or download their free mobile app to get the softcopy directly from your phone.

You will also get an audio guide app covering over 130 attractions in Milan. This is an interactive and locally sourced platform.

This helps you to locate the attractions easily and determine how close or far they are from your reach, offline and online.

Who is the Milan City Card good for

Getting a Milan City Card is best for all visitors to the city as it streamlines all the attractions and lets you create your itinerary. 

The pass is suitable for:


As a first-time visitor to Milan, getting lost in all the ticket options is easy.

The  Milan City Card helps you experience Milan’s iconic attractions at a much lower price, a plus point.

Travelers low on time

For travelers who are short on time and wish to experience all of Milan’s highlights in one day, the Milan City Card is the best!

The Packed Planners 

This is a great option for those who prefer to visit three to four attractions in one day.

The Official Milano Pass

The Milano Pass is a multi-attraction pass that grants you access to a curated selection of Milan’s must-see sights and unlimited travel on public transportation. 

Think of it as your genie, whisking away queues, anxieties and the hassle of planning.

This pass helps you tour Milan’s major attractions in three days. 

If you are worried about getting lost in Milan, this pass helps you stay on track with the latest maps, audio guides and more.

What does the Official Milano Pass Include

  • Three days of unlimited travel on ATM trams, buses and metros (Mi1-Mi3)
  • Entry to Duomo di Milano and Rooftop
  • Access to La Scala Theater Museum
  • Admission to Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
  • Entry to Sforza Castle museums
  • Access to the Museum of 900
  • Admission to Palazzo Reale Museum
  • Entry to the Science and Technology Museum
  • Access to La Triennale, Fondazione Prada and Civic Aquarium
  • Admission to Poldi Pezzoli, Bagatti Valsecchi and Villa Necchi Campiglio
  • Entry to GAM/Modern Art Gallery and Pietà Rondanini Museum
  • Digital maps and audio guides

Milano Pass Price

The Milano Pass costs €90 for all visitors. 

Why should you get the Milano Pass

Here are some reasons why you need to get the Milano Pass:

1. Skip the Lines and Save Time:

The Milano Pass grants you priority entry at over 20 top attractions, saving you precious vacation time for gelato breaks and spontaneous explorations.

With this pass, you can escape from queues at all the top attractions and have VIP access. 

2. Explore at Your Own Pace:

This pass is valid for three days and lets you customize your itinerary. 

Along with the free three-day transport, you can hop on and hop off the trams at any point of interest and explore the neighborhood’s charm.

3. Public Transportation at Your Fingertips:

Forget fumbling with tickets! The Milano Pass grants you unlimited three-day travel on Milan’s extensive public transport network, including metro, tram and buses. 

Zip around the city easily, saving money and the hassle of getting train tickets.

4. Hidden Gems & Exclusive Experiences:

Beyond the famous sights, the Milano Pass unlocks hidden gems like the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, a treasure trove of Renaissance art housed in a stunning 16th-century palace. 

The pass also offers exclusive experiences like a guided tour of the Duomo’s rooftop terraces and wine-tasting sessions in the heart of the Navigli district.

5. Budget-Friendly & Convenient:

Purchasing the Milano Pass upfront often translates to significant savings compared to buying individual attraction tickets. 

Plus, you skip the hassle of carrying cash and navigating ticket offices, making your trip smoother and more enjoyable.

Who is the Milano Pass Suitable For

If you are confused if the Milano Pass is your right match, here is a list of visitors who should opt for it:


Planning to visit several attractions? The Official Milano Pass can save you money compared to buying individual tickets.

You can get up to 50% discount on individual attractions if planned properly. 

Budget travelers

Traveling to Milan under a budget but still wish to enjoy all the attractions?

Milano Pass is your perfect match.

You can enjoy priority access to major attractions and get three days of transport across the city without breaking the bank. 

Travelers who like the flexibility

Milano Pass is the perfect choice for travelers who like to have an extended holiday and not cram a lot of sights into one day. 

It allows you to create your itinerary and explore the city alone. 

Convenience seekers

This is the perfect option for those who wish to enjoy the hassle-free experience of free travel and skip-the-line access.

Culture vultures

Tourists interested in museums and historical sites can opt for the Milano Pass, which covers many top cultural attractions.

Where can I buy the Milan City Pass

The Milan City Passes can be purchased online

Your pass will be instantly delivered in PDF format, which you can save on your phone or print. 

This PDF will include your QR-coded pass(es) and the audio guide app. 

How Does the Milan City Pass Work

The Milan City Pass is the most seamless way to explore and tour the city while saving money.

If you wish to buy the Milan City Passes, follow the steps given below: 

  • To buy the Milan City Passes, click here.
  • You will be directed to the card page and find your apt Milan City Pass there. 
  • Select your preferences – number of participants, date and time of visit. 
  • Proceed with payment. 
  • After the payment is complete, you will receive the Milan City Pass in your mail. 

Things to remember while using the Milan City Passes

While the Milan City Pass is a great tool for sightseeing across Milan, there are a few things to note while purchasing it. 

  • Some attractions may be temporarily unavailable, have reduced opening hours or require advanced reservations before your visit. 
  • It is best to check the included digital audio guide app and attraction websites for the most up-to-date information and make reservations. 
  • Entry to each attraction is only once and you may not be allowed to re-enter once you exit the attraction. 
  • Some attractions may provide a few benefits that can be added to your itinerary at an additional cost.

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