Duomo di Milano Layout and Entrances

Duomo di Milano is one of the world’s largest and most elaborate cathedrals.

The Cathedral lies in the middle of Milan in the Duomo Piazza complex.  

The Duomo Piazza complex has various attractions – Duomo Cathedral, rooftop, museum, Crypt of Saint Charles, Archeological area and San Gottardo Chruch. 

Saint Charles crypt, archeological area and the rooftop lie in the Cathedral building.

The Duomo Museum and San Gottardo Church are in the Piazza or Cathedral Square. 

Here is the layout of the Duomo di Milano Piazza.

Duomo di Milano Entrances
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Duomo di Milano Entrances

Duomo di Milano has three entrances – the main entrance, the side entrance and the elevator entrance.

Here is a brief on each entrance:

Main Entrance to Duomo di Milano

The main entrance is on the main bronze door’s left and right sides. 

The left side door is for visitors without tickets. This entrance has a ticket counter. 

The right side door is for online reservations and skip-the-line ticket holders. 

If you have purchased your Duomo di Milano tickets online, head to the right door and enjoy uninterrupted entry. 

Entrance timings: 8 am to 7 pm

Side Doors of Milan Cathedral

There are two doors on the sides of the cathedral, one each on the Martini/Arcivescovado side and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II side.

These entrances are dedicated to religious visitors who enjoy free entry.

Guests with mobility issues can use the side entrances. 

If you wish to visit the Duomo di Milano rooftop, you can either take the stairs or the elevator. 

There is a regular elevator and a fast-track elevator. 

Entrance Timings: Martini/Arcievescovado side: 7 am to 8.30 am | Emmanuele II side: 8 am to 7 pm

Duomo di Milano Elevator Entrances

Elevator entrances are found on the side of the cathedral. 

Look for this entrance if you wish to explore the Duomo di Milano rooftops by elevator.

Remember that other cathedral entrances do not offer access to the rooftop.

The regular elevator entrance is north of the cathedral and takes you to the first level of the rooftop. 

The Fastrack elevator entrance is south of the cathedral and takes visitors to the last level. 

Entrance Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

Queues at Duomo di Milano

There are three queues at Duomo di Milano: 

  1. Queue 1: This queue can be found on the left side of the Cathedral. This is the longest queue for visitors who still need to purchase their tickets. 
  2. Queue 2: On the right side of the Cathedral, you can find a line for online ticket entry holders. 
  3. Queue 3: This is the queue for visitors with skip-the-line tickets. This is the fastest queue with little to no waiting time. 

Pro tip: If you are at the venue and find Queue 1 long, you can book your Duomo di Milano last-minute tickets and join Queue 2 or 3.

Which Duomo di Milano Entrance Should You Take

If you are attending a mass in the church, take the side entrances.

If you are a tourist who has already booked tickets to Duomo di Milano, take the right entrance.

Visitors without tickets should take the entrance at the left.

To explore the rooftops, take the elevator entrance.

Visitors with the fast-track rooftop ticket can head towards the fast-track elevator entrance to the South of the Cathedral.

Duomo di Milano Layout –  Inside the Cathedral

It is famous for its intricate and majestic marble exterior, but the interiors? They are on a different level. 

Let’s get to know the layout of Duomo di Milano a little better and have an informed experience when visiting the cathedral.

Main Entrance

The main entrance of the Duomo di Milano is through the central bronze doors, known as the “Porta del Filarete” or Filarete Door.

These doors were created by the sculptor Antonio di Pietro Averlino, also known as Filarete and were added to the cathedral in the 15th century.

Above the main entrance is a beautifully decorated balcony called the “Loggia dei Balestrieri.” 

It features a statue of the Madonna with Child, flanked by two giant copper statues of angels.


The interior of the Duomo di Milano is characterized by its grand Nave, a central aisle that runs the length of the cathedral from the entrance to the altar. 

There are side aisles on both sides of the Nave. 

The Nave’s high ceiling is adorned with intricate frescoes and decorative motifs, adding to the cathedral’s overall grandeur.

The floor of the Nave is made up of a stunning geometric pattern of black and white marble.

Altar and Presbytery

At the far end of the nave lies the main altar, which is the focal point of religious ceremonies and services. 

The altar area is richly decorated with statues, reliefs and ornate carvings.

Surrounding the altar is the elevated presbytery, reserved for clergy and special religious functions. 

The presbytery is separated from the Nave by a choir screen, a beautiful marble enclosure featuring sculptures and delicate Gothic tracery.

Side Aisles and Chapels

The Central Nave separates the aisles into two sides. 

Each side aisle houses several chapels dedicated to different saints or religious themes. 

These chapels contain altars, sculptures and religious artworks, contributing to the cathedral’s spiritual ambiance.

Rooftop and Terraces

One of the unique features of the Duomo is its accessible rooftop and terraces.

Visitors can ascend to the roof by climbing stairs or taking an elevator (additional fee required).

The rooftop offers breathtaking panoramic views of Milan’s cityscape, with the spires and statues of the cathedral providing a unique foreground to the scenic landscape.

From the terraces, visitors can observe the details of the cathedral’s architecture up close and even spot the famous golden statue of the Madonna atop the highest spire.

Duomo di Milano app

One of the most important things you must remember before visiting is downloading the Duomo Milano App.  

From this app, you can streamline your Duomo di Milano experience.

You will find audio guides in multiple languages, a general map of the premises and exploded visual and informative access to various sections of the cathedral. 

The app can be downloaded online from the App Store and Play Store. 

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here is some essential information to plan your trip: 
Opening hours
How to reach 
Parking Information 
Dress code
Tips for Visiting 
History and Architecture
Facts about Duomo Milano 

FAQs About Duomo di Milano Entrances and Layout

1. Where do you enter the Duomo di Milano?

There are three entrances: The main entrance, the side entrance and the elevator entrance.

The main entrance is at the side of the bronze door, the side entrance is on the side of the cathedral building and the elevator entrance is on the north and south sides of the cathedral.

2. What are the rules for entering the Milan Duomo?

Tourists planning to visit the Duomo di Milano should have valid entry tickets, follow the dress code and not carry any bags or backpacks.

3. What is the average waiting time at the Duomo di Milano entrance?

If you have not purchased a ticket, the waiting time ranges from one hour to 1.5 hours, depending on the time of the day.

During peak summer and festive months, the wait can go up to two hours.

With a skip-the-line entry ticket, your waiting time will be reduced to 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Which entrance should the skip-the-line ticket users take?

Skip the line ticket holders must take the main right entrance near the bronze door at the front of the Cathedral.

5. Does Duomo di Milano have an entrance for visitors with disabilities?

Visitors with disabilities can take the main or side entrance.

For rooftop access, they can use the south entrance.

6. Which Duomo di Milano entrance should I take if I do not have a ticket?

You must take the main left entrance near the bronze door at the front of the cathedral.

You can find ticket counters there.

If you find the queues too long, you can also get a last-minute Duomo di Milano and switch to the right entrance, which has less waiting time.

7. Which Duomo Milan entrance should I use if I’m traveling with a group?

Groups with prior reservations should take the right entrance near the main bronze door.

If you have not made any reservation/booking, take the left entrance.

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