How to Get to Duomo di Milano 

The magnificent Milan Cathedral graces the heart of Milan, adorning the vibrant Piazza del Duomo.

It dominates the square, alongside the Royal Palace and other notable structures.

Duomo di Milano AddressPiazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

A mere 150 meters away, the Royal Palace is the nearest landmark to this enchanting place.

There are many ways to solve the ‘How to get to Duomo di Milano’ problem while visiting Milan and here is your guide.

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How To Get to Duomo di Milano By Metro

The closest metro station: Duomo M3

Metro lines to Duomo di Milano: Lines 1 and 3

Exploring Duomo Milan is effortless, with two metro lines, Lines 1 and 3, passing through the city’s heart.

Take the Yellow underground metro line 3 from Centrale FS station to reach Duomo M3 station.

This metro ride will take five minutes.

Or you may opt for the Red metro line 1.

To access this line, begin with a 600-meter walk to reach the Bisceglie station in the central station area.

From there, board the metro and reach Duomo M3 station.

Duomo di Milano is a short 110-meter walk from the subway station.

How To Get To Duomo di Milano by Tram

Closest tram station: Cordusio M1 Station

Tram lines: 1, 2, 14, 15,16, 24 and 27

Taking the tram is one of the easiest ways to reach Duomo di Milano

Tram lines 1, 2, 14, 15,16, 24 and 27 will take you to Duomo di Milano.

Visitors traveling from the Central Station Area can take Tram 1 from Via Settembrini.

The boarding point is Roserio and the drop point is Cordusio M1 Station.

Duomo di Milano is a four-minute walk from there.

If you take Tram 2 and 14, your stop is Via Torino.

Get off at Piazza Via Fontana Stop if you travel on Tram 15.

For visitors on Tram 16, 24 and 27, your drop point is Via Mazzini Stop.

How To Get To Duomo di Milano By Bus

The Closest bus stop: L.go Augusto

Bus routes to Duomo di Milano: 57, 60, 73 or B15.

The wonders of Duomo Milan are also made accessible through the convenient bus routes 57, 60, 73 or B15.

Catching bus 60 from Via Vitruvio is a great option for those near the Central Station Area.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as you make your way to L.go Augusto.

Duomo di Milano is a short 8-minute walk from L.go Augusto stop.

How To Get to Duomo di Milano by Car

You can choose from the three routes to reach Duomo di Milano from Milan’s Central Station.

The most straightforward option is to drive through Via Pietro Mascagni.

Begin your drive on Via Vitruvio from Via Roberto Lepetit, continuing for approximately 2.4 kilometers.

This scenic route will guide you toward your destination.

Or, you can navigate through the streets to reach Piazza Fontana from Via Pietro Mascagni.

Transition onto Via Conservatorio and proceed onto Via Filippo Corridoni.

This route will lead you to your Duomo di Milano.

If convenience is your preference, hailing a cab from Milan’s Central Station is an excellent choice.

Friendly cab drivers ensure a seamless journey to the awe-inspiring Duomo Milan.

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How To Get to Duomo di Milano By Taxi

By taxi
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Opting for a cab to reach Duomo Milan is an affordable, convenient and swift means of transportation.

Renting a taxi in Milan is a breeze, with numerous options available throughout the city.

The basic taxi fare starts at a reasonable €3.70, providing a cost-effective starting point for your journey.

As you embark on your adventure, the fare increases gradually, with rates ranging from €1.80 to €1.20 per kilometer traveled.

How To Get To Duomo di Milano By Walking

If you find yourself near the captivating Sforzesco Castle, you’re just a delightful walk away from experiencing the grandeur of Duomo Milan.

As you step out of the Sforzesco Castle, begin your journey by heading southeast, immersing yourself in the charm of Piazza Castello.

Take a left turn towards Largo Cairoli, where a roundabout awaits.

Embrace the fourth exit, leading you on Via Dante.

Follow this picturesque street for approximately half a kilometer, allowing the city’s enchantment to surround you.

Upon reaching Via Orefici, turn left onto Via Victor Hugo and then gracefully take a right onto Passaggio Duomo.

The path ahead will gradually unveil the mesmerizing sight of Duomo di Milano.

With each step, you will draw closer to the entrance of this magnificent cathedral, embracing its splendor and embarking on an unforgettable journey.

After visiting Duomo di Milano, there are multiple attractions that you can reach on foot. Read more about the attractions near the cathedral to plan your visit.

Best Ways To Get To Duomo Milan

When it comes to reaching the Milan Cathedral, there are various options, each with its own advantages in terms of speed and affordability.

For budget-conscious travelers, the metro or tram is the most cost-effective and convenient mode of transportation.

With a tram ticket priced at €1.50 and a metro ticket at €2, you can easily reach the cathedral while keeping your expenses in check.

However, if time is of the essence, the fastest route to Milan Cathedral is via the metro.

From the central train station area, a quick 5-minute metro ride will swiftly transport you to the cathedral.

It allows you to maximize your time and immerse yourself in its beauty without delay.

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here are some essential information to plan your trip: 
Opening hours
Best time to visit
Parking Information 
Tips for Visiting 
History and Architecture 
Facts about Duomo Milano

FAQs About How to get to Duomo di Milano

1. Where is Duomo di Milano located?

Duomo di Milano is located in the heart of Milan, Italy. 

It stands proudly in the Piazza del Duomo, the city’s central square, surrounded by bustling streets and iconic landmarks.

Its central location makes it easily accessible for tourists visiting Milan.

2. How do I reach the Milan Cathedral from the city center?

The most convenient options are taking the metro (Lines 1 or 3) or tram (Routes 12, 27 or 3) to the Duomo station. 

It’s a short walk from there to the cathedral.

3. What is the approximate travel time from Milan’s Central Station to the cathedral?

The metro ride from Central Station to Duomo takes around 5 minutes, making it the fastest option for reaching the cathedral.

4. Are there affordable transportation choices for reaching the Milan Cathedral?

Yes, using the metro or tram is both cost-effective and convenient. 

Tram tickets cost €1.5, while metro tickets cost €2.

5. Can I walk to the Milan Cathedral from nearby attractions like the Sforzesco Castle?

You can walk From Sforzesco Castle to Milan Cathedral.

Head southeast to Piazza Castello from the castle, then follow Via Dante and Passagio Duomo, leading you to the cathedral’s entrance.

There are various other attractions at walking distance from Duomo di Milano.

6. How far is the Milan Cathedral from the Royal Palace?

The Royal Palace is just 150 meters away from the Milan Cathedral, making it a prominent landmark in close proximity.

7. Are there taxi services available to reach the cathedral?

Yes, taxis are easily accessible throughout Milan. Renting a cab offers convenience, though it may be relatively more expensive than public transportation.

8. Is it possible to reach the Milan Cathedral on foot from the city center?

Absolutely! Walking to the cathedral from the city center is a great option, as it allows you to explore the charming streets of Milan while heading toward this iconic landmark.

9. Are there any landmarks or points of interest near the Milan Cathedral?

Besides the Royal Palace, you’ll find other notable buildings like the Palazzo Della Ragione and the Palazzo degli Olimpionici near the cathedral.

10. Can I use public transportation to reach the Milan Cathedral from Milan’s main train station?

Certainly! Taking the metro (Lines 1 or 3) or tram (Route 1) from Milan’s main train station will efficiently bring you to the cathedral, offering a convenient and straightforward journey.

The Best Duomo di Milano Tickets

Cathedral and Rooftop tickets: This ticket offers access to the Milan and Cathedral Rooftop areas. 

Milan Cathedral Rooftop ticket: If you wish to enjoy Milan’s vistas, then get this rooftop access ticket (without the church) to enjoy terrace entry. 

Duomo di Milano guided tour: Take a tour of Milan Cathedral, Duomo Museum and archeological sites with a local expert guide. 

Private Duomo di Milano tour: Skip the crowds and take a private tour of the Duomo di Milano, its Rooftop, Museum and Archeological sites.

Duomo Di Milano Combo tour: Visit the Milan Cathedral and another Milan attraction at a discounted price with just one ticket. 

Last-minute Duomo di Milano tickets: Get your Milan Cathedral tickets at the last minute if you have missed your pre-booking. This ticket offers last-minute entry to the cathedral, Museum and rooftop. 

Milan City Pass: Get entry to the Duomo di Milano, Rooftops, Duomo Museum, Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and Milan City Audio Guide at discounted prices. 

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