Secrets of Duomo Di Milano Door

The Duomo de Milano has multiple entrances and each differs in its features and display of architectural splendor.

Several events occurred before the Cathedral’s grand entrance, giving all Duomo Milan doors a great backstory.

Veneranda Fabbrica entrusted Lodovico Pogliaghi with the specific task in 1884.

In 1891, Pogliaghi unveiled the first design for the Door of Duomo di Milano and immediately faced public objection. 

A handful of painters publicly objected to Pogliagh’s direct assignment in 1894.

Later, they held a competition to confirm the artist’s commission.

Pogliaghi signed the contract in 1897, only to complete his job ten years later! You must visit this fascinating door for yourself!

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The Main Door

The Main Door
Image: Wikimedia.org

The Duomo Milan Cathedral Door, installed in 1906, commemorates the Joys and Sorrows of the Virgin Mary.

A can depicting the Tree of Life is at the center of the door.

The door is an excellent illustration of the Liberty Style, with defining square panels extending to the shutters.

The right shutter of the door displays the Joys of the Virgin, while the left shutter displays her Sorrows.

The fixed fanlight depicts the Crowning of the Virgin Mary episode.

The Milan Duomo Museum now exhibits the Pogliaghi design, which Lodovico Pogliaghi submitted in 1891.

The assembly of the design involved using drawings of real panels and the sculptor’s creations.

In response to the iconographic program mapped out by Monsignor Ajroldi Aliprandi, the drawing includes 22 Marian scenarios.

Some consider the stiff scenes incorporated into a compositional system excessively rigid.

Pogliaghi drew inspiration from late Gothic ornamental patterns.

One of the sketches provided by Pogliaghi depicted the incident of the Visitation at the Museum.

A bronze carving of the story of the scourging is present in the same chamber as the plaster models.

It is most likely based on a Pogliaghi sketch from 1904.

The Coronation of the Virgin, the door’s main scene, is shown in an elaborate architrave at its top.

The artist included ornamental figures of Saint Ambrose, Charles Borromeo and Aribert underneath.

The door of Duomo Milan shows evidence of bombings during World War II and in 1943, a shower of shrapnel shattered the Annunciation panel.

Cultural Significance of Duomo di Milano Door

The Main Door is a famous symbol of Milan, representing its history, religion and impressive architecture.

Standing for centuries, the Main Door reflects Milan’s rich cultural legacy and attracts visitors who appreciate its historical and artistic value.

The Duomo Milan door holds deep religious meaning and is a place of spiritual significance for locals and worshippers.

The Main Door’s intricate design and skilled craftsmanship showcase impressive Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

The Main Door is a source of pride for Milan and contributes to its cultural identity.

It symbolizes the city’s heritage and connects its residents to their past.

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here are some essential information to plan your trip: 

The Door of Milan Duomo FAQs

1. How can I visit the Main Door of the Milan Duomo?

The Main Door of Milan Duomo is accessible to visitors as part of the general admission to the cathedral.

You can enter through the designated entrance and explore the magnificent door.

2. What is the significance of the Main Door for tourists?

The Main Door is a must-see attraction in Milan Duomo.

It offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history, impressive architecture and religious heritage.

It provides a memorable cultural experience for tourists.

3. Are there any guided tours available specifically focusing on the Main Door?

Yes, guided tours of the Milan Duomo often include detailed explanations and insights about the Main Door’s symbolism, artistic features and historical context.

Consider joining a guided tour for a more immersive experience.

4. Can I take photographs of the Main Door?

Photography is generally permitted inside the Milan Duomo, including the Main Door.

5. Can I purchase souvenirs related to the Main Door at Milan Duomo?

Yes, there are souvenir shops within Milan Duomo where you can find various items.

It includes books, postcards and replicas related to the Main Door and other notable features of the cathedral.

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