Hidden Gems: Discovering the Crypt and Treasures of Duomo di Milano

As you venture into the depths of the Duomo, the historic crypt and treasure of Duomo di Milano offer a deep connection to the past. 

You will walk among ancient tombs and relics here, absorbing the stories embedded within these sacred walls.

The historic crypt of Milan Duomo is the best spot to experience history, aside from Duomo di Milano.

This article explores some of the Duomo of Milan’s hidden treasures.

Through the decades, the Duomo di Milano Cathedral has expanded.

The Cathedral’s form is a fusion of the medieval, gothic, and modern due to its extensive and lengthy history.

If you explore the Cathedral further, you will learn it has a sizable underground Duomo Crypt Milan.

Few people know where the crypt and treasure of Duomo di Milano lay, beneath the Duomo’s grand altar.

Hidden beneath the grand altar, the Jemele Chapel awaits, crafted by Architect Pellegrino Pellegrini in the 16th century. 

This circular sanctuary boasts a harmonious blend of design and devotion.

Adorned with stucco details, frescoes depict the Eucharist, the Passion, and celestial beings. 

The altar, too, holds precious relics. The chapel offers a glimpse into the past’s sacred rituals and spiritual ambiance.

A magnificent wooden choir is located on the sidewalls of the Chapel, where the Metropolitan Chapter congregates for prayer.

The flooring is a replica of the ancient wooden floor, showcasing the treasure of Milan Duomo.

It was replaced in the 19th century and is of red, black, and white marble.

The crypt houses the final resting place of Saint Charles Borromeo, Milan’s esteemed cardinal archbishop from the 16th century.

The Cathedral placed him inside a crystal coffin, revering him as a great saint of the Counter-Reformation.

The crypt and hidden gems of Duomo di Milano offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Milan’s history and spiritual heritage. 

This makes your visit to this iconic cathedral an unforgettable experience.

For all visitors planning to visit Duomo di Milano, here are some essential information to plan your trip: 

Crypt and Treasure FAQs

1. Where are the crypts located within Duomo di Milano?

The crypts are located underground beneath the Duomo di Milano cathedral.

It provides visitors with an understanding of the historical and spiritual significance of the location.

2. What will I find in the Duomo di Milano’s crypts?

You’ll find a unique assortment of sacred tombs, artifacts, and riches in the crypts.

It highlights the cathedral’s extensive historical and cultural legacy.

3. Are there any famous tombs or relics in the crypts?

Among the notable features, you’ll discover the tomb of Saint Charles Borromeo.

It is a revered figure in Milan’s history and a significant symbol within the crypts.

4. Can I visit the crypts independently or do I need a guided tour?

You may immerse yourself in the historical ambience at your own speed by exploring the crypts on your own.

Guided tours, however, could offer more information on the significance of the crypts.

5. Can I see the treasures of Duomo di Milano in the crypts?

Within the crypts, you’ll have the opportunity to view a fascinating array of treasures.

It includes religious artifacts, remarkable artworks, and historical objects associated with the cathedral.

6. Are the crypts accessible for visitors with mobility challenges?

The crypts usually provide accessibility options such as elevators or ramps.

It helps to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges.

7. Can I find information about the crypts and treasures in Duomo di Milano at the cathedral?

The cathedral often provides information materials, brochures, or displays.

They offer detailed information about the crypts and the fascinating treasures they house.

It enhances your visiting experience to this historical site.

The Best Duomo di Milano Tickets

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Private Duomo di Milano tour: Skip the crowds and take a private tour of the Duomo di Milano, its Rooftop, Museum and Archeological sites.

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